After my last post I hoped to get back on the proverbial horse, but unfortunately, things are not getting off the ground. I seem to sink deeper into this dark pit of procrastination and despair, trying to juggle work stress, losing friends and keeping house. I keep promising myself and my readers that new posts … Continue reading Sabbatical


The reasons I burned-out, and what I wished I knew before it happened.

As a social worker I’m not new to the concept of burnout, but somehow I thought this would never happen to me whilst teaching English in Korea. Trust me, it did. And when it happened, it got me bad. I should have seen it coming, but hindsight is 20/20, right? Here are the 8 things … Continue reading The reasons I burned-out, and what I wished I knew before it happened.

Couple-couple (Part 2)

How to find balance in 24/7 togetherness... A while back I did a post about keeping the love alive whilst working together and being in a foreign country. In the beginning, it was very difficult. You suddenly see a part of your partner which was hidden away from you for the simple reason that you … Continue reading Couple-couple (Part 2)

Hello Kitty Island- Jeju Island

I'm a little obsessed with Hello Kitty. I've always been fascinated with this cute figure. As a young girl Hello Kitty wasn't that popular in South Africa, but a few years later when my baby sister was at the age where she could choose her own toys you could find Hello Kitty everywhere. It was … Continue reading Hello Kitty Island- Jeju Island

Hiking getaway: Gyeryongsan Mountain and Donghaksa Temple

Gyeryongsan Mountain National Park stretches across Daejeon, Gongju, and Nonsan. The mountain range is famous for its silhouette which resembles a dragon wearing a rooster's comb on its head. It's also the literal translation of the name Gyeryongsan (Dragon and chicken mountain). Other than the interesting name, the mountain offers several peaks, waterfalls, ponds, and … Continue reading Hiking getaway: Gyeryongsan Mountain and Donghaksa Temple

New blog feature coming soon: Mushroom hunting

Exciting new feature to come soon: Mushroom Hunting in Korea. The name says it all- I go out into the mountain, take pictures of mushrooms and try to identify and classify them. Keep an eye out for future Mushroom related posts. There will also be a new Menu specifically dedicated to any and all Mushroom … Continue reading New blog feature coming soon: Mushroom hunting

Getting your Korean Driver’s License

A short post on getting a Korean driver's license and buying a car. If you already have a South African driver's license the whole process will go pretty fast. Follow these easy steps and you should have your license in no time at all (two weeks max). Send your South African license to the Embassy … Continue reading Getting your Korean Driver’s License