When is it time to go?

This is a very personal post, but I feel that I need to write this for a couple of reasons. The first being to get some closure and clarity on the whole situation, and the second is to possibly help others to deal with the same/similar situation. So what's this all about?  My husband and … Continue reading When is it time to go?


Staycation: Daejeon South Korea

In the hustle and bustle that is life, there's rarely time to take long trips, nevermind thinking about the expenses related to it. Staycations have become a quick way to get out of town, or even stay at home and take short day trips. Theo and I recently did a staycation in Daejeon. Here's how … Continue reading Staycation: Daejeon South Korea

14 Days in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has never been on my bucket list, but my husband expressed his eagerness and fueled on by slogans such as 'Asia's World City' I agreed on a two week trip to Hong Kong. What we did not realize until we were in the thick of it was that what we call Chuseok Holiday … Continue reading 14 Days in Hong Kong

The reasons I burned-out, and what I wished I knew before it happened.

As a social worker I’m not new to the concept of burnout, but somehow I thought this would never happen to me whilst teaching English in Korea. Trust me, it did. And when it happened, it got me bad. I should have seen it coming, but hindsight is 20/20, right? Here are the 8 things … Continue reading The reasons I burned-out, and what I wished I knew before it happened.

Couple-couple (Part 2)

How to find balance in 24/7 togetherness... A while back I did a post about keeping the love alive whilst working together and being in a foreign country. In the beginning, it was very difficult. You suddenly see a part of your partner which was hidden away from you for the simple reason that you … Continue reading Couple-couple (Part 2)

Hello Kitty Island- Jeju Island

I'm a little obsessed with Hello Kitty. I've always been fascinated with this cute figure. As a young girl Hello Kitty wasn't that popular in South Africa, but a few years later when my baby sister was at the age where she could choose her own toys you could find Hello Kitty everywhere. It was … Continue reading Hello Kitty Island- Jeju Island