How to choose a recruiter

Where to begin?

This, again, will be a matter of personal preference more than a matter of competence or a fancy website.

I have worked with four different agencies, one in RSA, one in Canada and two based in Korea. For more than one reason I ended up using Korvia.

Things I looked for and which ticked me off :

  1. How fast do you respond to my emails. This, to me was very important. If you are in the same country as I am, and I am mailing you during regular business hours- you have no reason not to get back to me within that day, or the next day. For international recruiters the same applied, but keep in mind the time zone differences.
  2. The way the agent responded (tone, style etc.) This could either make you very comfortable, or not comfortable at all. I am not talking about being very formal or very casual (even though that’s also a good indicator). I am more concerned about spelling errors, or agents wanting an immediate response, and when you you keep them waiting for one day they lose it. Or the very pushy agent, that one who emails you every five minutes to check whether you are still alive and well.
  3. The application process: The recruiter should have a general application process which starts with an application form. The recruiter must also be able to give you a timeline and indication of how long each step will take. If the recruiter cannot supply you with this information they are probably not experiences. I would go for somebody who’ve done this before.
  4. Whether they recruiter does private and public schools? If the recruiter has a contract with the government for public schools but they do both public and private applications, they will not want to damage their reputation by placing you at a ‘bad’ hagwon/private academy. The recruiters will also have access to more resources. A ‘dual’ school recruiter is a safe bet.

You will probably add some things to my list, or take some of it out. That’s entirely up to you, since you are the one making the choices and the one who should feel comfortable with it.

Here is the list of recruiters I am familiar with, they all impressed me and gave me good service. It was purely coincidence that the final choice fell on Korvia.

TJ Recruiting Check them our here

Korvia Check them out here

Teach EFL Korea Check them out here

In South Africa: Goldkey Education Check them out here

Once you are happy with your choice, check out my next post ‘The process’ for tips on the process with your recruiter and the first interview.

April/May 2016


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