How to ‘Koreanize’ your Resume

Of course you want to get picked! Of course you know how to write a CV/Resume. WRONG. The resume expected by the schools is not the long drawn out thing you used to give in to companies in RSA in order to find work. Nor is it the short version you learned in Life Orientation and Afrikaans class in Gr 8.

The first big difference; A photo. Remember where I said you should have professional photos taken (headshots)? This is one of the reasons. I don’t want to label Korea as a superficial country, or obsessed with beauty- but they do a great deal of plastic surgery, and have a helluva lot of cosmetic/beauty shops! Read more about this on Tech Insider.

So now that you have your photo, up next is the layout and design. Keep it simple. Do not use colored or fancy fonts. It must be legible, and clear. Keep the headings in Bold, and use spacing to your advantage. Some good examples can be found on I would just suggest that you add your professional headshot to either the left or right side of your Name and other personal details.

Korea is also the country where SAMSUNG comes from, and they are obsessed with technology- this was my recruiters words during our first Skype session. Remember to add your Skype username and other app details such as Whatsapp on your resume under contact details. While you’re at it, change your Skype, google and whatsapp photo to the same photo you are using on your resume. It’s just way more professional this way!

Happy writing!

April/May 2016



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