The process

I got frustrated a lot. Like big time. Like email the recruiter at 2 am frustrated. Like ‘I don’t even wanna go anymore’ frustrated. And then it hit me- just love the process. It is all part of the whole thing. The bigger picture and all that jazz.

So what is the process? Docs, choice, docs, recruit, docs, interview, docs, docs, plane, teach. Granted, this is the extremely simplified process, but this is what it boils down to at the end. If you followed with me from post 1- 5 you should now be at the part of the process which is highlighted in blue. 

In my previous post I explained how to choose a recruiter. Hopefully you’ve done just that and is now ready to contact said recruiter. This is fairly easy. Email them (details on their websites) and say that you have wish to teach English in South Korea at either private or public school (your choice). They should respond by asking you to complete a questionnaire/application. It differs from recruiter to recruiters. Some wants to do the questionnaire first in order to assess your eligibility- others skip this step altogether. I prefer the questionnaire method, since this will show you early on whether the agency will be able to help  you or not. Once this is done, the recruiter will set up a personal interview with you. This interview is solely for information’s sake and to see/hear you in ‘person’. Interviews are held on Skype.

Types of q’s you can expect: Health, teaching experience/experience with children, preference in age groups, how and why Korea?, Cultural differences and how to handle them, how to handle learners with challenging behavior and your preference on starting date and area in Korea to work.

I was so stressed before my interview, and during I realized that we are on the same team. The recruiter needs me just as much as I needed her, so don’t let panic run away with you.

Next up, Docs. So after your interview the recruiter will send you some forms to complete and other application documents and relevant info. It is usually an application form, a personal essay, reference letters, a lesson plan etc. You should be able to complete all this with ease (since it should be on your CV and Cover letter anyway) and you will have come across lesson plans whilst completing your TEFL/ESL certification.

In case you are a bit rusty on the lesson plans, follow my Pinterest board containing 100’s of free tools for TEFL and lesson planning. Pinterest LanieSnydert

Check out my posts on ‘How to Koreanize your CV’ for some Resume and Cover letter tips.


April/May 2016


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