Why South Korea?


We are tired. Tired of 08h00- 17h00 jobs. Tired of pension funds and medical aid schemes. Tired of family asking when we are going to buy a house. Tired of parents wanting grandkids. So we decided to go. We decided three times, before actually deciding…

The first I heard of people going from RSA to South Korea to teach was in 2011. My best friend just finished her B.Ed. Hons at the University of Stellenbosch and applied for the EPIK program (I’ll tell you about this a bit later). She used an agent based here in Cape Town and before we knew it she was on a plane on her way to KR. I received Facebook posts/messages and emails of her amazing adventures, and felt just a little tinge of jealousy. I started working as a social worker in 2012, and it was great. I received a salary, had a lot of benefits and felt on top of the world. All grown up and stuff. At that stage my boyfriend was still studying, and we lived in Stellenbosch. I traveled about 30 km to and fro for work, and the novelty of ‘grownupism’ wore off quite fast. I wanted to go to KR.

We moved from Stellenbosch to Cape Town, which was great at the beginning. It is such a vibrant city, with loads to do. Because we received meager salaries, about R10 000 each, we struggled to keep up with the urban lifestyle.

We moved to a small town about 80 km outside of Cape Town. We lived in a three bedroom house, had a braai area and a lovely garden. Life was beautiful. We even adopted two puppies from a shelter, Frankie and Oliver. I got my dream job teaching at a Private College, and got a pretty decent salary as well. Hubby (oh, yes- we got married in 2014) also got a great job, and could work from home. No more driving into town every day.

PicMonkey Collage

In October 2015 I found out that our beloved country changed some legislation pertaining to teaching at a college. I was casually informed that me services will no longer be needed. My employer did try to accommodate me and to keep me on as long as possible. We started talking about KR again. This time it got serious, and before the end of the month we were done with the first part of the paperwork. Then the long wait began…

I am still waiting. We submitted all the final docs this weekend (April 2016) and hopefully we will be on a plane by June this year. I decided to write down the process for fellow RSA citizen who are hopefully clinging to a dream to teach abroad. I trust that my blog will help you through the application process, and answer some (if not all) of your questions. Through the course of this month I will run through the application process step-by-step.

Maybe, with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work, you will be on a plane to KR by June. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll see each other there.

April/May 2016


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