I know what you did last summer

Things to expose, and things that should stay private. A brief do’s and don’ts list for the interviewing and recruiting process.


-Change your Facebook privacy setting. I am not saying that the recruiter or principal at the school will go and check each and every post, photo or video BUT on the off chance that they do, what will they find there? Is it really necessary for your prospective employer to see the photos of your University days? Yes, you know the ones I’m talking about…


-Sensor some content you have on the WWW. That Instagram photo of you in the bikini? Maybe not something you want your new boss to see.


– Disclose your relationship status. Yes, it is your private life and you can do whatever you want. Just keep in mind that you might want to do a joint application (later on), and your future boss might consider a couple’s position. Many schools will appoint a couple but see it as two single positions filled. Some schools will request a couple, and prefer a marital unit. You never know your luck in a big city, so don’t hide your relationship status.


-Make demands before having all the information at hand. When the recruiter sends you possible positions, have as many interviews as possible before deciding on a specific school. Don’t just shoot off every suggestion because it’s not a 100% fit. Very few things in life are, so check it out first.


-Involve your parents. If your are just finished with Uni I suppose you’ll be around 23/24ish. Yes, your are still young and your mother’s baby, but according to RSA law you are and adult (and have been one since the age of 18), so you do not need permission. It’s nice to ask, to consult, to share- but keep in mind they are your parents and they are going to freak out ‘…because North-Korea…’ and what not. Don’t let your parents’ fear of the unknown stifle you. And for Pete’s sake don’t mention your parents to your recruiter or school, they want to employ and adult who will be able to cope with the unknown and the demands of a job (because this is not a paid holiday), so mum’s the word.


-Get ahead of yourself. Don’t sell your car, give away your cat, and say goodbye yet. There will be a time and a place for this. Most of the time you will have at least one month prior to your departure to finalize all of the above. Or should the time be right, do some of the stuff on your list, if not, wait a little longer. You cannot do it all at once, so take a deep breath and prioritise.

New posts coming soon: The proposal, The interview and The offer. All you need to know about the steps following the recruiter interview.



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