Pleased to meet you

Tips and tricks for your introduction video.

Many schools and recruiters wish to see a 1  min-2 min introduction video. This video is solely for the purpose of seeing you in ‘person’ and hearing you speak. You are going to teach English, so they need to hear you speak it. It is not unreasonable, it is not silly, and you cannot freak out about it. How are you going to stand in front of your future students if you cannot even face your camera?

It’s very easy to create a video. You do not need any fancy editing tools, or even a video camera. Your phone (any newish Android phone) will do just fine.

You will need:

  1. A phone
  2. A blank background (white wall etc.)
  3. A small table/side table (x2)
  4. A chair (x2)
  5. A few books/ potted plant or something decorative
  6. A friend/family member you feel comfortable with.
  7. A desk lamp
  8. Yourself, dressed professionally.
  9. Your script

To do:

  1. Place the chair and side table at an 45° angle against the blank background you identified. If this is outside try doing it when it’s nice and sunny. If inside, place the lamp on a surface of equal height as the side table, facing the chair so that the light will fall directly on your face when seated.
  2. Place the second chair about 1m opposite the first chair.
  3. Place objects chosen in point 5 above on the side table.
  4. Take a seat. You should sit on the chair next to the decorated table, incase you did not catch that part…
  5. Your friend, holding the phone will now sit opposite you and record the video. They should have a steady hand, and not move around. Change angles of the shot only when you change to the next paragraph of your script. Pause the recording, change the angle, and start recording again from the next section of your script.
  6. Edit your video and add sound, effects and writing in Vimeo free video editor. You do need to sign up, it takes about 1 minute and it’s worth it.

The script:

This is not very complicated. Do it paragraph  by paragraph. It’s also very easy to memorize this way and will help a helluva lot when you are recording the video.

  1. My name is______________. I am ___years old, and I am from__________, South Africa. I enjoy____________ and my hobbies are____________. I am married to_____________(if applicable) and we enjoy _______.
  2. I am currently _____________(working/studying/volunteering etc.) at________ where my duties include____________________.
  3. After completing school I studied at______________ where I obtained my degree in __________. I also completed a _____hours TEFL course.
  4. I went on to work at______where I gained experience in (something relating to teaching should be inserted here|). My teaching philosophy is__________and I view teaching to be very rewarding (or something similar).
  5. I would like to teach in KR and to learn more about korean food, language and culture. I am currently reading a lot about_________(something korean).
  6. I hope to hear from you soon, and if you have any questions you can email me at____________(insert email in text as well).


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