The proposal

What happens when the recruiter emails to say there are not one, but two possible jobs (or even more) available and you should let them know a.s.a.p which one(s) you’re interested in?

Moment of truth. If you have not yet made up your mind, or feel a bit shaky about some of the details, your time has come. When the recruiter emails you with possible job opportunities don’t jump the gun. Email them back to thank them for sending this opportunity your way, and tell them you are going to review the position and will get back to them. Remember, they work for you- not the other way around.

Look at all the options. This sounds silly and it’s probably a cliché, but make a pros and cons list. Ask yourself what you really want, need and most importantly will be able to handle in a foreign country. Here is some examples:

  • I need a support system of other foreign/native TEFL teachers
  • I want quiet
  • I want to live close to a beach
  • I need to have easy access to public transport
  • I want a shopping Mall close to me
  • I need a minimum of 2.4 Mil Won per month
  • I need to be close to an English speaking Doctor
  • I want to play golf every Saturday
  • I want to go hiking on weekends

Write down as many of these kind of needs/wants that you can think of. Make a little tick list. Write down the name of the School on top, and the needs on the left hand side. Tick off what needs/wants are met by which school, and do the math. You will have to prioritize your needs/wants and be able to identify where you will be able to negotiate or sacrifice some of them in order to find the fit closest to you dream job.

Here is an example tick list:

All names are fictional, and if they do exist in Korea,  I might be clairvoyant…
I need a support system of other foreign/native TEFL teachers


I want a shopping Mall close to me


I want to live close to a beach × ×
I need to have easy access to public transport


× ×

I hope that this will help you make an informed decision. Remember to go research the school as much as possible (Google is your friend). Go check on Youtube, you’d be surprised at how many thing you will be able to find. Double check the Hagwon Blacklisted and Green listed schools.

Once you have made your decision, email the recruiter with the one or two schools you like. Just remember; even if you like the school, it’s not guaranteed that they will also like you. So keep your options open, and don’t dismiss schools that could be a possible fit because you might need to revisit the option later on.

Your recruiter will get back to you within a week or two, depending on how long the school will take to review all your documents, CV and introduction video.  The news will either be very good and you will have a date and time for an interview, or you will be informed of other possible schools in need of native English teachers.

Whichever way it happens, do not give up hope or freak out. Just follow my lead, and you will get there.


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