After receiving the news that you got the job, the school/recruiter will email you to complete two documents; The Visa Pre-Application Form and the E2 Visa Medical Self Assessment.

To complete these documents just follow the guidelines provided on the the forms. It’s quite straight forward. Be honest in your medical checkup, but also be realistic. If you took drugs one time when you were a rebellious teenager and wanted to experiment- don’t even mention it. There is no way it will show up on your medical check, or has any relevance to your application and current health status.

You will complete the forms and send it back to your recruiter via courier. See the previous post ‘ The Offer’ for more details.

The next thing to wait for is your Visa issuance number to arrive from Korea. This number will be used to apply for your Visa at the Korean Embassy in Pretoria. While your waiting, email the Embassy to check on the procedures and time frame for the Visa application. You can email to get all the necessary information. I will not advice you to buy any plane tickets yet, since there is still a minute chance that your Visa will not be approved.

As soon as you receive the Visa Issuance number (via email), you will go to the Embassy and submit the Visa Application Form (completed in English and Korean by your school) and your passport. The current fee is R780. Upon arrival we found out that the format of the form changed, so we had to complete it by hand. Take the address of your school with in English, in case you need to complete the form again. Our forms had the school’s name and address in Hangul, but luckily I had it on hand in English.  We did not complete anything in Korean, and our Visa’s still got issued. We applied on a Monday morning, and got the call four days later that we can go collect our Visas.

We stayed with family in Pretoria for the process, one- because we did not trust the postal or courier services with our passports (since it takes forever to apply to get a replacement if it gets lost), two- because it gave us a chance to say goodbye to the family and three – it was literally cheaper to drive from Cape Town to Pretoria than to pay the courier drop-off and collection fees.

So loooong story short, it’s an quick and easy process to apply and get your Visa. I think the Korean Embassy in Pretoria might be the only functioning Government related structure in South Africa …

Keep an eye out for the next posts on plane tickets, Forex, money matters and long haul flying tips 🙂

PS: My sincerest apologies for not posting frequently; we are leaving RSA on the 15th (9 days from today) and we are really busy sorting, packing, greeting and silently freaking out over here!


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