Couple and love culture in Korea + Date night ideas

Couples and relationships are all the rage in Korea. Most teenagers and young adults spend their free time engaging in couple activities, and if they are single they spend their free time in activities wich could possibly lead to them end up in a relationship.

So how do you know if somebody is in a couple? They will show you- in more ways than one. One of the easiest tells is couple outfits. These outfits are color-coordinated and planned in advance.

Sharing of food, especially couples combos, are also a telltale sign of a relationship.  The same phone covers on cell phones. The same color lips (yesss!) and nails (double yesss!). Special days (one each month in Korea) are dedicated to couples. So apart from Valentine’s day, there’s a number of days which starts with January 14th (original, yeah?).

  1. January 14th – Candle or Diary Day
  2. February 14th – Valentine’s Day
  3. March 3rd : Samgyubsal Day
  4. March 14th: White Day
  5. April 14th: Black Day (Not for couples, hence, if you see somebody out and alone dressed in Black = Single!)
  6. May 14th: Yellow Day / Rose Day
  7. June 14th: Kiss Day
  8. July 14th: Silver Day
  9. August 14th: Green Day
  10. September 14th: Photo Day / Music Day
  11. October 14th: Wine Day (needless to say this is my favorite one)
  12. November 11th: Bbeabbea Day / Gareadduk Day (also known as Pepero Day)
  13. November 14th: Movie Day
  14. December 14th: Hug Day

Wanna know more? Read all about these days at Dramafever.

Plenty of time to celebrate love or your loved one or to go out and find somebody to love… So date nights- the dreaded thing that has to happen to keep the flame alive but leaves many people befuddled since men think that date nights needs to be expensive and they don’t know what and how to plan them. Here is my advice for 2017:


Do date night once per month, following the above mentioned special days. If you are in Korea, show off your love with matchy-matchy shirts, sweaters and whatever else. Go to the ‘Catch a bear’ shops (literally hundreds of those in every shopping street across Korea). Go to the arcades and challenge her to a game of Mario Cart. Share a couples combo and watch a movie at CGV. It does not need to be expensive, I promise- even the least amount of effort you put in will be appreciated more than no effort at all.

Keep an eye out in the new year, because I plan on celebrating every couple’s day. Feedback will be provided with pictures 🙂

Happy dating in Korea 🙂


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