Update: Couple-couple

At the end of 2016 I made a promise to try and uphold the Korean special days, or to at least do some lovey-dovey things with my husband. Here’s how we went so far…

1. Bear Claw and Arcades- Never ever will I get tired of this. It’s just so much fun and a love intensity activity. You can do it in any city/town and it does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Mario Kart is always a winner, followed by some random games and ending with bear claws. Meet Stitch, our first bear claw family member.

2. Bowling – This was never something we did back home, but now that the ice has been broken I feel that we might end up being regular bowlers. It’s fun, you can drink beer and there’s no enjoyment like being stared at by a bunch of Koreans because clearly, you have no idea what you are doing…The kids at the bowling alley are also super cute and serious- it’s almost more fun to watch them than to actually bowl.

3. Love Locks

This is a very Korean thing, and I absolutely love it. We have done this in Busan, and again on Jeju Island. For a small fee, you get to write your loved one a message on a plastic heart and attach it to a fence, railing or pole. It’s super romantic, and I feel like a 16-year old every time I get to do it.

4. Building a snowman

A first for both of us. South Africa is not really known for its snow, so Korea turned out to fulfill quite a lot of bucket list items which requires snow.  The snow started falling on the last day of November 2016 and only recently stopped. It was lovely. Every morning we’d jump out of bed to see if it snowed during the night. We have countless snow videos and photo’s- and even got to build a snowman. It’s way harder than the kids in the movies make it look.

5. Valentine’s day

Theo went all out by getting me the Blackberry wine I like, setting up a table with candles, buying Oysters and showering me with all my favorite things (Jelly Beans). It was a wonderful Tuesday, and the first real Valentines day we’ve had in years.


Let me know how your love life is going- and what you find easy/difficult about dating in Korea.




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