Travel Jeju Island – Part 2


In Part one of the Jeju Island chronicles, I explored Jeju City via the Golden Bus. In this post, I will explain attractions that are not so easily reached, or may require a bit more effort from your side.

  1. Jeju Starlight World Planetarium

How to reach it: Take Bus 500 from Jeju International Airport to Jeju National University, travel by taxi for the rest of the way. (25-30 minutes)

Starlight Planetarium is not English Friendly. All the signs, audio, and visual elements are in Korean. One of the staff members could speak a little English and tried his best to assist us. It was an overcast day, and we could not use the telescopes to view any planets/stars. The actual visual show was very child -like and did not show the actual solar system at all. The 4-D experience was fun, but also more geared towards children.

For me, this was a bit of a disappointment, and I am not likely to revisit this attraction.

2. Hello Kitty Island

How to reach it: From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 500 and get off at Halla Hospital bus stop. (8 bus stops away, about 17 mins)
Transfer to Bus 780 and get off at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort bus stop. (8 bus stops away, about 1 hr and 3 mins)
Cross the road and walk about 200m.

This, by far, was my absolute favorite place on Jeju Island. I am a bit obsessed with Hello Kity- and enjoyed every moment of this outing. The fact that it started to snow only added to the enjoyment. Hello Kity Island has a themed cafe, and many different rooms filled with all things Hello Kitty. There’s also a short 3D theater show included in your ticket.

Since we don’t all have a 5-year old girl obsessed with Hello Kity stuck inside our heads, I won’t write any more on this subject. For those interested, check out my special Hello Kity Island post.

Chocolate Land, Ripley’s and the Teddy Bear Museum are all located on the same road. There are some other attractions here as well, which we did not manage to fit into our schedule.

How to reach it: Take Bus 600 (Airport Limousine) and get off at Jungmun Resort.
(departs every 15 min / travel time: about 50 min)

3. Chocolate Land

The chocolate land is more conveniently located than the Jeju Chocolate Museum. It offers a short history of chocolate making and offers a hands-on chocolatier class. The tickets are cheap, and you get coupons to add to your chocolate purchase. We were too late to take the chocolatier class, so unfortunately, I cannot comment on that.

4. Ripley’s Believe it or Not


Again, we were too late to experience this attraction. It does look cool though, and the tickets are also cheap. They close at 6 p.m.

5. The Teddy Bear Museum

Heaps and Heaps of bears in any shape and form imaginable. There are also cute animated bear scenes of historical events. The tickets are a bit expensive, and you might not spend more than 40 minutes here.

6. Jeju Aqua Planet

How to get here:
From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 910 and get off at Sinyangri Entrance Bus Stop. (Travel time: about 2hr 10 min).From Jeju City Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 781 and get off at Sinyangri Entrance Bus Stop. (Travel time: about 90 minutes)

From Jeju City Intercity Bus Terminal, take Bus No. 781 and get off at Sinyangri Entrance Bus Stop. (Travel time: about 90 minutes)

From the stop: Cross the road. Walk straight towards to ocean. The road is very quiet, we walked the whole way to Aqua Planet without seeing one taxi. You will pass open fields and later on some houses. Closer to the ocean you will find seafood restaurants. When you reach the ocean you will be able to see Aqua Planet towards your right.

Here’s some photo’s to help you…

Aqua World is a regular aquarium with some feeding and other entertainment shows. A plus is that you get to meet an actual Jeju Mermaid, watch her dive out some Abalone and get to take a picture with her. Beware of the large crowd! The aquarium also offers some interactive activities and a 3D show for kids. Overall a nice experience.

That’s it! Jeju done and dusted (for now). I’m sure there’s heaps more to see and do, and once the winter passes we will return to Jeju. No hiking, horseback riding or swimming took place on this trip so we’ll just have to go back for more…


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