5 Web resources for ESL teachers

As an EFL teacher, you are constantly creating new teaching materials and getting rid of old lessons, creating new ones and making sure your materials are still relevant. It can get tough, especially if you have a full-time teaching job. Here are some of the web resources for lesson themes, games and activities which saved my butt a couple of times.

1. Barryfunenglish.com

You have to sign up for this site. You will get a basic account which comes with 8 credits per month. You can download games, interactive flashcards and even create your own custom worksheets using these credits.


This site requires a free signup. It gives you access to thousands of free ESL resources uploaded and created by other TEFL/ESL teachers like yourself. You can also upload your own materials to this site so that others can benefit from your tried and tested resources.

3. ESL Games World

This site is geared towards games in many different formats. It gives you access to PPT games, printable games, online games and even game templates in editable formats. You do not have to sign up for this website, and downloads are fast and free.

4. English Language Resources (ESL)

An excellent free site with no signup. It has loads of grammar and vocabulary resources, all sorted into themes. You can build and entire week’s worth of lessons by using these coordinated themes. Resources include flashcards, worksheets, handouts, activity sheets, and games.

5. Lanternfish

A very straightforward site with minimum fuzz- yet they offer solid teaching aids. This site even offers materials for adult ESL learners as well as job postings for all over the globe.

As and add on I have to mention Pinterest. Never underestimate the power of this social media sharing platform. Simply access the Pinterest site and type ESL into the search bar. Beware of getting sidetracked in the wonderful world of pinning.

BeFunky Design

It is great to make your own lessons from scratch, but as with all things in life the unpredictable happens, plans change and teachers resign. The show must go on, so if push comes to shove these resources can help you out of a pinch.


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