Hello Kitty Island- Jeju Island

I’m a little obsessed with Hello Kitty. I’ve always been fascinated with this cute figure. As a young girl Hello Kitty wasn’t that popular in South Africa, but a few years later when my baby sister was at the age where she could choose her own toys you could find Hello Kitty everywhere. It was a little bit too late for my, I was into Westlife by then, but secretly I still wanted my own Hello Kitty figurines and bedding.

I remember in University when a new toy shop opened I visited with my husband (then boyfriend). I don’t remember getting overly excited by the Hello Kitty section, but I must have because the next day he showed up at home with a Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel mug for me.

So when I got to visit Hello Kitty Island in Jeju, it made me extremely happy! I would like to share it with you. It’s mostly photos and descriptions. I hope this inspires you to visit it soon…

  • How to get there: [Bus]
    From Jeju International Airport, take Bus No. 500 and get off at Halla Hospital bus stop.
    Transfer to Bus No. 780 and get off at Teddy Valley Golf & Resort bus stop.
    Walk approx. 175m to reach the venue.
  • The tickets and fees

    12,000Won per adult
  • Setup/Layout

  • The Main Hall with Giant Hello Kitty statues and plushies everywhere! Seeing how it was Christmas, the tree was decorated with pink bows and pink Kitty Ornaments.


    The Hello Kitty Living and Dining room displayed the Hello Kitty family in various domestic scenarios.

    The Hello Kitty Schoolbus and Library section is a cute photo op corner for any book lover.

    Next up was a hallway leading to a small outdoor resting area. Along the way were many cute Hello Kitty items and photo worthy decor.

    My heart almost melted when we reached the Hello Kitty Wedding Hall. The cuteness of Dear Daniel marrying Hello Kitty at the fountain is too much for a hopeless romantic. It also makes for cute couple pics.

    The rest of the Hello Kitty Island layout includes cultural, food, pop-culture, and various other cuteness. There’s a play area for kids, which unfortunately I could not participate in. I cannot give everything away, I have to give you a reason to visit. So the rest of the indoor stuff you’ll have to go see for yourself.

  • Hello Kitty D3 show- You can see a short 3D Showing, unfortunately in Korean. It’s still kinda cute. If you’re not interested in that I suggest that you visit both outdoor areas on that floor- one is the love lock area (1,000Won each) and the other a cool Hello Kitty garden installation. I imagine it will be beautiful and green in the summer, but winter has its perks- like your husband building you a mini Hello Kitty Snowman.
  • Hello Kitty Cafe- All kinds of Hello Kitty themed drinks and snack to enjoy in a perfect Hello Kitty setting.
  • Hello Kitty Curios- finish it off by stopping at the Hello Kitty store and buying a whole bunch of Hello Kitty loveliness, there’s something for every budget.IMG_1531

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