Hiking getaway: Songnisan National Park

Songnisan National Park Songnisan National Park is located in the Chungcheonbuk-do/province of Korea. It is where three valleys meet up with Mt Songnisan in the middle of the Sobaeksanmaek Mountain range. The Park itself is quite large and has 11 temples and several waterfalls. It's a popular family picnic spot and a favorite amongst hikers. It … Continue reading Hiking getaway: Songnisan National Park


Japchae Recipe: calling all noodle lovers

Japchae is one of the most iconic noodle dishes in Korea. Traditionally it is served at parties or celebrations, but as it's so popular it's not uncommon to find it served on other occasions. It is served as a side dish, but I prefer just eating it as a main. It is delicious and absolutely … Continue reading Japchae Recipe: calling all noodle lovers

Kimchi Jjigae Recipe- easy, user friendly and delicious! 

I have four favorite Korean dishes and have mastered the art of cooking three of them. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing my recipes with you. I cannot take credit for these recipes since I got most of it from books and the help of Korean coworkers. I also adjusted some ingredients … Continue reading Kimchi Jjigae Recipe- easy, user friendly and delicious!