The second time around…

When we left (July 2018), we were convinced that we will return to a Hagwon job in September that same year. But, things did not go as planned, they rarely do.


Getting your Korean Driver’s License

A short post on getting a Korean driver's license and buying a car. If you already have a South African driver's license the whole process will go pretty fast. Follow these easy steps and you should have your license in no time at all (two weeks max). Send your South African license to the Embassy … Continue reading Getting your Korean Driver’s License

The last bit of Paperwork

Signing the contract, Medical check and ARC application. As you know already, nothing has been settled before you get cleared in you medical check. This is the last hurdle, and trust me it was a piece of cake. The medical Upon arrival you will report to a desk specifically for foreign medical check-up. There should … Continue reading The last bit of Paperwork

Airports, Airplanes, trains and taxis

Just a little info on what to expect from departure to arrival 1)Wrapping your luggage. Like typical South Africans we thought - trust no one! - and wrapped our luggage. It costs R70 per bag at CT airport. What you need to know: Weigh your bag at any check-in counter before wrapping (in case you … Continue reading Airports, Airplanes, trains and taxis

Medical checkup (and other health stuff)

On arrival you will have to undergo a medical checkup. As part of your E2 Visa application (the docs you submit after you signed the contract), you complete an E2 Medical Self Assessment form. The medical checkup will basically check that you are healthy, have no medical conditions which can be transmitted to others and … Continue reading Medical checkup (and other health stuff)

I know what you did last summer

Things to expose, and things that should stay private. A brief do's and don'ts list for the interviewing and recruiting process. DO: -Change your Facebook privacy setting. I am not saying that the recruiter or principal at the school will go and check each and every post, photo or video BUT on the off chance … Continue reading I know what you did last summer