Hiking getaway: Songnisan National Park

Songnisan National Park Songnisan National Park is located in the Chungcheonbuk-do/province of Korea. It is where three valleys meet up with Mt Songnisan in the middle of the¬†Sobaeksanmaek Mountain range. The Park itself is quite large and has 11 temples and several waterfalls. It's a popular family picnic spot and a favorite amongst hikers. It … Continue reading Hiking getaway: Songnisan National Park


Itaewon- Seoul

This is a little Myth Buster Post mixed with a great deal of nostalgia and a pinch of cynicism. Since arriving in Korea we were hearing so many things about Itaewon, some of it true, some of it not. So here goes- my personal experience and view of Itaewon. Living in a foreign country can … Continue reading Itaewon- Seoul

Couple and love culture in Korea + Date night ideas

Couples and relationships are all the rage in Korea. Most teenagers and young adults spend their free time engaging in couple activities, and if they are single they spend their free time in activities wich could possibly lead to them end up in a relationship. So how do you know if somebody is in a … Continue reading Couple and love culture in Korea + Date night ideas