Couple and love culture in Korea + Date night ideas

Couples and relationships are all the rage in Korea. Most teenagers and young adults spend their free time engaging in couple activities, and if they are single they spend their free time in activities wich could possibly lead to them end up in a relationship. So how do you know if somebody is in a … Continue reading Couple and love culture in Korea + Date night ideas

K- pop and Korean Ballads

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Even before coming to Korea I was very vocal about how I'm not going to fall prey to the ridiculous K-pop culture which promotes endless good looks and underfed youths. In my first month here I succeeded. I refused to play my students any Korean music, especially K-pop. I also refused to … Continue reading K- pop and Korean Ballads

Chuncheon and Cheonpyeong – a travel post

Korea is known for having breathtaking autumn/fall scenery. With this in mind, I set off to Nami Island on the invitation of my friend, Gillian. We spent a magical weekend in this wonderland and returned home tired, but satisfied. Here's how we got there and where we stayed:. We took the bus to Seoul and from … Continue reading Chuncheon and Cheonpyeong – a travel post

Love Motels – How to travel on the cheap in Korea

Traveling can get expensive, and so can living in Korea if you are living in a rural area. For us to go to Seoul is a two-hour bus ride, and then a possible 30-40 minute subway ride to get to the area in Seoul we want to be. Your Saturday becomes very short once you spend … Continue reading Love Motels – How to travel on the cheap in Korea

Transportation: The in’s and out’s

Korea is the master of public transportation. Whether you take the train, bus, taxi or you're hiking- they've got you covered. First things first - Having a T-money/ Money Bee or Debit/Credit Card. These are essential in using public transport. All buses and trains/subways accept the T-money card. Until recently all taxis used T-money. Now taxis … Continue reading Transportation: The in’s and out’s